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In the extreme south of France at 26 km from the Spanish border, Collioure, the jewel of the rocky coast, boasts an authentic and a protected environment.
The small Catalan harbor nestles in a sheltered bay where mix the waters of the Mediterranean Sea and the rocks of the mountain range of the Pyrenees.

EUS one of the most beautiful villages in France

Village staircase ... Ens, one of the "most beautiful villages of France"
Placed on a granite hill, the village of Eus, near Prades, Conflent dominates. At the top of the pyramid formed by the village, St Vincent was built on the still visible ruins of the Count's castle church. Village stairs Eus has inspired some artists. A ballad is required random streets.


Villefranche de Confluent is a city with a unique heritage of the Middle Ages to the present day, the time recorded in its stones the passage of men who built, conquered or have lived within its walls. More than any other, Vauban "Prowl Sun King" has left its mark here. In July 2008, Villefranche de Confluent was on the list of UNESCO World twelve fortified sites by Vauban in France Heritage.


Located at 1600 meters altitude on the outskirts of Cerdanya, Mont-Louis is the walled city of plushaute France. With winter and summer activities all mountain sports, our region is made for your happiness.


Symbol of Catalan country, the yellow train Cerdanya, affectionately called the "Canary" links Villefranche-de-Conflent (427 m) in Latour-de-Carol (1232 m) over a distance of 63 km and 1200 m of altitude climbed to station Bolquère, the highest in France to 1593 m.


St. Thomas les Bains, at an altitude of 1150m, is a spring of hot water at 58 °, ranked among the hottest guy Pyrenees.
Sulphide, bicarbonate, rich in fluorine and trace elements, this unique water is an elixir of health and beauty, thanks to its anti-allergic properties, healing and relaxant. One benefits in these three outdoor pools at 37 °, housed in a beautiful amphitheater of stone.


Of monkey bridges, suspended walkways and ladders, all complemented by long passages cove: this is what awaits us in the lift grooves Carança. A fun and accessible to as many route.
To achieve safely thanks to the considerable development work done.
One can easily continue to shelter Carança, been kept and accessible 4h.


Canigó is one of the most famous mountains in Europe, on either side of the Spanish border, the Canigou is the sacred symbol of Catalan. Emblem of the Pyrenees Orientales, it is ubiquitous in the countryside of Roussillon, appears far from the Roussillon plain, southern and northern Conflent Vallespir.


The town of Rosas, much frequented by the French, and it is 32 km from the neck of Balitres (to Cerberus) and 42 km from the border crossing Perthus. The Bay of Roses is one of the most beautiful bays reduces the world [club. This home some cruises Sizeable


The famous "fishing village" is the jewel of the villages of the Costa Brava north. Any other similar place has hosted many artists, becoming world renowned as the "village of Dali": Matisse, Picasso, Duchamp, Man Ray, Max Ernst, André Derain to mention a few.


Perthus: commerce to VERY VERY VERY big VERY attractive on both sides of the border price, which is materialized by two terminals, one at the beginning of the Spanish Quarter, the other at the far end of the village.
Ready to wear, Jewellery, Perfumes, Leather goods, Food, Spirits, Tobacco, Souvenirs ...


Pas de la Casa is simply the shopping mecca, thanks to lower taxes levied on certain products such as tobacco or alcohol, but also because of the presence of many sports shops, fashion, perfumery , jewelry etc ...